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Luganville is a short 50 minute flight from Port Vila and is Espiritu Santo's main town. Zafrollys is a 15 minute drive up the coast road.

Host, Zonda, who manages the property discovered this special piece of land in 2017 and was inspired to create Zafrollys. A Queenslander at heart,  she is an experienced accommodation host and food caterer. Her last venture was Scobie's Bed and Breakfast in Brisbane - luxury, boutique accommodation. 

Santo is famous for its breath taking beaches.  Champagne beach and Port Olry make for a wonderful day trip.  While you're there enjoy a spot of lunch and a Tuska (local beer) at one of the beachside restaurants, beach bar and grill - we recommend the Poulet, local grass fed beef or traditional coconut crab! 


If you'd prefer the crystal clear, fresh water blue holes, there are a number close by to Zafrollys.  We recommend Matevulu, Nanda & Ri Ri blue holes. Santo has also become famous for its world class diving.

Alternatively, you can go snorkelling & kayaking to meet our resident Dugong.  You can book a day trip fishing or spend a day horse riding through the mangrove tunnels.​


Ask us to help you organise a day trip. There is something for everyone at Zafrollys.

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